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Vertical Boring Mills - CNC

CNC Vertical Borer with Automatic Toolchanger

1991; Siemens 850T control; faceplate dia 1400 mm; workpiece weight 9000 kGs; turn dia 1600 mm; turn height 1500 mm; ram cross X 1900 mm; ram vert Z 1000 mm; cross-rail vert 900 mm; table motor 69 kW; speeds 0 - 315 rpm; auto tool magazine 20 station; with: chip & splash guarding, internal / external cooling, large package of tooling, jaws & spares, chip conveyor.

Proposal Number: VK-4719

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CNC Vertical Borer with Gear Shaping Unit

2002; Fanuc 180 iM control; Twin pallet 1250 mm; Pallet load capacity 6000 kg; Turning diameter max. 1600 mm; Turning height max. 1340 mm; Table drive motor 30/37 kW; Table speed range 2 - 360 rpm; C-Axis 0.001°; Milling Spindle drive motor 15 kW; Milling spindle speed range 12.5 – 2000 rpm; 60-station tool magazine for turning & milling tools;B-Axis milling heads for gear cutting to Modul 10; Fantastic all round machine for turning / Boring / Milling & Gear cutting!

Proposal Number: VK-3982

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