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Vertical Boring Mills - CNC

Tos Hulin SKQ12 CNC

CNC Vertical Borer – Retrofitted from original CNC with NUM 720 CNC Table Ø 1250 mm. Turn Ø 1500 mm. Turn height 900 mm. Cross rail travel 500 mm. Ram vertical travel 1000 mm. Table drive 40 KW. Table speeds to 300 rpm. 15 station tool changer.

Proposal Number: V(K)-5954
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Tos Hulin Powerturn 3000

CNC Vertical Borer with Milling Spindle. Year 2000. Siemens 840D. Face plate Ø 3000 mm. Turn Ø 3600 mm. Turn height 1540 mm. Crossrail vertical travel 1000 mm. Twin vertical rams. Rams travel 1500/1060 mm. Table drive 60 KW. Table speeds 2-200 rpm. C-Axis. Milling spindle 20 KW. Milling spindle speeds to 4500 rpm. 96 position tool magazine.

Proposal Number: V(K)-5921
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Large Capacity CNC Vertical Borer with Milling Spindle
TITAN IMUAB SC 125 / 160 D
1985 with Siemens 7M / 7T control

Faceplate Ø 10,000 mm; max turn Ø 12,500 / 16,000 mm; turn height 5500 mm; 2 cross rail mounted vertical rams – left ram for turning, right ram for milling; milling spindle: 37 kw, ISO50. Table power 2 x 100 kW VERY GOOD MACHINE

Proposal Number: VTL12010

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CNC Vertical Borer with Automatic Toolchanger

1991; Siemens 850T control; faceplate dia 1400 mm; workpiece weight 9000 kGs; turn dia 1600 mm; turn height 1500 mm; ram cross X 1900 mm; ram vert Z 1000 mm; cross-rail vert 900 mm; table motor 69 kW; speeds 0 - 315 rpm; auto tool magazine 20 station; with: chip & splash guarding, internal / external cooling, large package of tooling, jaws & spares, chip conveyor.

Proposal Number: VK-4719

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CNC Vertical Borer with Gear Shaping Unit

2002; Fanuc 180 iM control; Twin pallet 1250 mm; Pallet load capacity 6000 kg; Turning diameter max. 1600 mm; Turning height max. 1340 mm; Table drive motor 30/37 kW; Table speed range 2 - 360 rpm; C-Axis 0.001°; Milling Spindle drive motor 15 kW; Milling spindle speed range 12.5 – 2000 rpm; 60-station tool magazine for turning & milling tools;B-Axis milling heads for gear cutting to Modul 10; Fantastic all round machine for turning / Boring / Milling & Gear cutting!

Proposal Number: VK-3982

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