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Grinding Machines - Conventional

Universal Cylindrical Grinder with Internal Grinding

1972; Centre height 170 mm; grinding Ø 340 mm; between centres 1200 mm; grinding length 1200 mm; grinding wheel Ø 500 mm; bore 203 mm; width 50 mm; motor 7.5 KW; spindle speeds up to 500 rpm; 3-jaw chuck 160 mm Ø; 4-jaw chuck 160 mm; internal grinding: Ø 20/340 mm; length 250 mm; taper grinding 5 deg; with swivelling grinding / workpiece spindle & internal grinding attachment.

Proposal Number: V-4798

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Conventional Surface Grinder

1974; Table 1250 x 240 mm; grinding length 1200 mm; grinding width 300 mm; spindle to table 130 / 555 mm; travel 1330 mm; table cross travel 270 mm; grinding wheel travel 425 mm; dia 220 / 300 mm; wheel bore 127 mm; width 30 mm.

Proposal Number: V-4799

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Surface Grinding Machine with Rotary Grinding Head
ZOCCA RPVA 2000/600

1973; Magnetic table size 2200 x 600 mm; Grinding area 2000 x 600 mm; Vertical spindle with rotary segment grinding head; Grinding motor 75 KW; Wet grinding facility with magnetic separator.

Proposal Number: V-3404
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